Buy Businesses to Jumpstart Your Entrepreneurial Empire

Buy Businesses to Jumpstart Your Entrepreneurial Empire

Blake Hutchison, CEO of Flippa, talks about the opportunities for buying websites in this interview.  For example, John Chen purchased eCommerce site Blush & Bar in 2017 for $7,500 when it was earning about $1000 per month. He sold that business 2 years later for $550,000.


  • Start browsing Flippa and hit the “save search” button and the site will send you links.
  • Look for listings that are getting lots of views. If it has lots of interest, it is more likely to be a valuable site.
  • Check the seller’s notes and make sure they have put a lot of detail there so you can see what you are buying.
  • Start small so you can learn from your first website purchase.
  • Figure out what you are good at and buy sites that you can improve with your skills.
  • For content sites, you are looking for at least 12 months of traction

Business Opportunity: Rather than spending months or years building a site, writing content and trying to rank in search engines, it can be better to start with a site that already has monthly revenue. Flippa and EmpireFlippers are both great sites to browse to see what types of online businesses are selling and for how much.

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