Building a Business around your Passion with Chase Reeves

Building a Business around your Passion with Chase Reeves

Chase Reeves is a great example of what you can achieve with hard work and focus on a simple idea. The cofounder started a website and YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing backpacks and bags. He has 93k subscribers on YouTube and was a collaborator with Pakt Bags on a custom backpack with his name that recently raised US$589k on IndieGogo.

In Chase’s review videos, you can see that he has many dozens of backpacks and bags in the background. That gives a lot of credibility to the quality of his reviews and also shows his dedication to bags. He started the bag reviews about 4 years with the popular Minaal backpack that was also successfully crowdfunded. He now has about 250 review videos on YouTube. The main business model is Amazon affiliate sales, but branching out into his own custom bag is another smart move.

The focus on videos makes Chase stand out against other competitors. As his blog posts continue to improve in search engine rankings this business will only grow over time. This is a simple idea with amazing execution. This can be done for almost every product niche.

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