Bootstrapping Your Way to Millions: Building Profitable Companies Using Virtual Assistants

Bootstrapping Your Way to Millions: How a Law School Dropout Builds Profitable Companies Using Virtual Assistants with Ravi Abuvala

Here is a good interview on EntrepreneuronFire about building systems to grow your business. There are too many ads here for my liking, but he does introduce some quality ideas. You can start the interview at about 10:40 to get to the heart of the message. Here is Ravi’s simple system for attracting customers:

  1. They generate traffic through direct outreach, ads, doing interviews, etc.
  2. They send this traffic to a high-quality piece of content like a blog post or webinar.
  3. They retarget these visitors with testimonials, do email marketing campaigns and have sales reps call the companies.

For most new business ideas, Ravi recommends the following plan to be profitable from day 1:

  • Do your research and make sure there is product-market fit.
  • Create a MVP and start selling.
  • Find out who your target market is, where are they, and start contacting them.

This is solid advice to start a business.

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