Behind-the-Scenes of a $1.613M Course Launch

Justin Welsh shares some details and rationale behind his Creator MBA course launch this year.

“Launching a course is so much more than sending out a few emails and hoping people will buy your thing.

It’s about understanding your audience and their problems, speaking directly to their needs, and keeping them engaged from the time they learn about your product, to the time they can buy (and beyond).

When I look at the typical launch for a digital product, many people create an interest list and then send out a few sales email around launch time saying, “It’s here! Buy now!” Candidly, I’ve made this exact same mistake.

That’s not a good strategy and, sadly, a poor launch can prevent an otherwise good product from reaching its potential.

With the Creator MBA, I took my old launch strategies to an entirely new level, and the results were well worth the investment. Today I’m going to tell you what I did, and I hope this newsletter will give you some ideas for your next product launch.”

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