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The world is in turmoil, but big change brings big opportunities. This is the best time to reinvent yourself!

We are going through a Great Reset. This is an unprecedented time when the entire planet is united against the pandemic. Drastically new ways of working and living are emerging. Once fringe ideas like remote work and homeschooling have become the norm. Manufacturing is being brought back home to secure supply chains. Politics, health care, education, transportation, travel, social security, and every other aspect of our lives will need to adapt and change. People and businesses will go bankrupt, but countless new opportunities will emerge.

The world is changing so fast that it\’s hard to keep up. That\’s what IdeaEconomy.net is for.


My name is John Bardos. I scour the web to find the thought leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs that are succeeding so that you can learn what works and why.  I curate the best ideas to build your audience, grow your business, and maximize your impact in a concise daily summary.

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