$3000 per Month Niche Site Success Story

$3000 per Month Niche Site Success Story

$100k Niche Site and Growing – Success Story Update with Christy

Doug Cunnington of NicheSiteProject has an informative interview that goes into what is required to build a website that earns thousands of dollars per month. A website that can consistently earn $3000 per month is worth around $100,000.  That’s a pretty substantial asset built in less than 2 years, with largely outsourced writers.

The niche isn’t revealed in the interview, but there is a spreadsheet of the monthly earnings every month including Amazon and MediaVine ads, along with traffic.  Building a website around a particular niche focused on Amazon product sales and ad clicks can be a much better business strategy than just trying to blog or podcast about something you are interested in.

Ideally, much of the work in creating content and promoting the site can be outsourced to generate somewhat passive income over time. Niche sites were once smaller websites, but they now often have hundreds of articles. A larger site like WireCutter sold to the New York Times for $30 million, so these are potentially big opportunities.

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