10 Ways to Come Up with a Million Dollar Idea

Noah Kagan has a great video on finding new business ideas. If you don’t know Noah, he’s the founder of $10m+ business AppSumo. Sidenote: He paid $1.5m for the sumo.com domain. Noah Kagan is now making videos full-time. What I like best about Noah’s ideas is that they are very systematic and strategic. There is a process to coming up with ideas and testing them quickly. His challenge to validate your idea is: – in 48 hours, – sell your idea to 3 customers and, – earn $100. You don’t need a website, logo, business cards. Just test the idea now. Another person to look into is Pieter Levels. Back in 2014 he did 12 startups in 12 months. One of those, NomadList is now making tens of thousands of dollars per month. Here is how he started NomadList and got it to #1 on ProductHunt.

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