10 Reasons You Should do a 100-Day Project

10 Reasons You Should do a 100-Day Project

Milena Rangelov expands on Elle Luna’s encouragement to start 100-Day projects. This is a really powerful idea.  Undertaking a lengthy project like this forces you to “focus on the process, not the outcome.” That daily habit becomes the reward itself. It’s a great way to build momentum and a portfolio.

Opportunity: Just like the buzz worthiness of “12 Startups in 12 Months” I introduced before, challenges like this can be a great promotion for your work. Here are some ideas for an everyday challenge:

  • design a logo,
  • draw an illustration,
  • publish an interesting photo,
  • write a tagline for a different company,
  • do a free SEO audit for a local company.

A simple idea like this with focused effort can be the start of a good business. How much would your skills improve and how many people could you reach if you did something like this for 100 consecutive days? This is also a great story to market your services after the fact. “What I learned designing a logo every day for 100 days.”

If you think 100 days is hard, remember that Seth Godin has blogged every day for more than two decades.

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